Sign Up For a Simple Checking Account & Get Unlimited Free $20 Bills!

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​Follow these 5 SIMPLE Steps to Get PAID!

Step 1
Sign up for a Simple Debit Card.

Step 2
Activate your card when you receive it.

Step 3
Contact us and we’ll send you $1.

Step 4
​Buy something in the store using that $1.
Pay for it with your Simple Debit card.


Step 5
Refer friends using your Simple Debit referral
link ​and earn more free $20’s!

Who do you know that could use
some free money?

Spread the word and get paid!

Refer 1 person earn $20
Refer 10 people earn $200
Refer 50 people earn $1,000
Refer 100 people earn $2,000

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Follow This Strategy to Earn THOUSANDS From Simple

When you get your first free $20 from SIMPLE, don’t be so quick to spend it!

Tell everyone you know.

Help 20 people register to get their free debit card using your referral link.

When you help 20 people, send them $1 to spend just as you did.

When those 20 people spend that $1 you will earn $400 from Simple.

Hopefully, you get the big picture.

It’s better for 20 of your referrals to spend $1 and flip it ​into $20 each time than for you to spend $20 and get nothing.

It PAYS to SHARE and it really is SIMPLE.

Take the same $400 you earned and DO IT AGAIN!

Tell 400 MORE people about Simple and send them $1 to spend.

When those 400 people spend their $1, you will earn $8,000!

Now just imagine if you only help 50 people.

That’s still $1,000 Simple is willing to pay you just for referring customers to try their service.

No other bank will pay you this well, just to help people try their services and there’s NO FEES!

Now get to work and by Christmas if you are consistent in helping people you’ll have a nice chunk of change to celebrate with.

This is a SIMPLE money maker!
​Get started NOW!

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