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You know you need a website, and we know that you need a website…but you’re not ready to invest big dollars. Our Web Design Packages are the perfect combination of nice looking design, easy editing, and cost.

This isn’t some Do-it-yourself site where it’s up to you to get it done. We put it together for you, and we’ll handle 100% of your website for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

This service is perfect for businesses or individuals who don’t have the time or technical skill to manage their website. Sometimes they just prefer that someone else handle everything for them. Whatever your reason is, you can rely on our knowledge and experience to run your website for you.

Pricing starts at $99/month and includes a wordpress theme, mobile friendly website along with hosting, security, and unlimited maintenance.

Our system works by allowing the layout/design to be completely customized based upon what you need.

Benefits of Letting P.S. Web Pros

Build & Manage Your Website

With the speed of technology increasing from day to day it is more and more difficult for businesses to keep up.
As a result, you see more and more outdated website designs, therefore more and more struggle to stay relevant online.

Very Low Upfront Costs

The cheapest websites can cost thousands of dollars to design. Our starting cost is as low as $99/month. So as a result of our business model, you can get a $5000 website with a much lower investment.

Modern Web Design

Your site will always be modern. No more deciding when to bring on developers to make changes to the site, or waiting too long and needing to redo the entire site over again.


Up To Date

Technology is constantly changing. That is why it is important to stay up to date. A site can be outdated after only a year of it going live. The longer those changes go, the more likely it is to have to recreate your entire site.

All Inclusive

It’s like having a web development department right in your own company. Ready to work for you, without all the added expense of actually having to hire and maintain your own web development department.

Local Business

Local means we will work within your time zone, meet with you in person if you are physically local to our MD office, or online to serve you faster, better and even more effectively.

No Maintenance

Your website is always kept up to date, with design, functionality, and security updates. This is done without having to worry or pay extra for it. It is part of the service offered.

Select A Plan To Get Started

Need A More Affordable Option?

We reveal to you our secret weapon, The $99 Hero Website Blueprint,
where we make you an offer that’s so good, that you simply can’t refuse. 

Features Breakdown

Please review all of the toggles below to learn more about what is included in our packages.

Responsive Mobile Optimized Design

We’ll come up with a custom, mobile-friendly design based on your preferences and industry trends. Best of all, we offer unlimited revisions on the design until you’re completely satisfied.

Your new website will work on all devices including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Built On WordPress

WordPress is a very popular content management system (CMS) that will allow you to easily update and manage your website.

We offer instructional documents and videos that will show you how to update and manage your website for those times you’d want to handle things on your own.

Unlimited Pages

We’ll start you off with 15 pages but can then add more accordingly.  That’s the beauty of having a WordPress site.  You can just keep adding on. Just tell us which pages you want (example; home, about us, contact us, etc.) and send us your content. We’ll add each page and format the content so that it looks great.

Please Note: We do not provide or write content. It’s your responsibility to provide a majority of the content that goes on the website. If you need copywriting services, please visit our services page and check out our rates. You don’t need to have your content ready before you order! If your content is not ready yet, We’ll add filler text and can replace it later.

Up to 15 Pages

I’ll add up to 15 pages for you! Just tell me which pages you want (example; home, about us, contact us, etc.) and send me your content. I’ll add each page and format the content so that it looks great.

If you want me to help add and format additional pages, I can do so for $10/page. Since the website is built on WordPress, you can also add additional pages on your own.

Please Note: I do not provide or write content. It’s your responsibility to provide a majority of the content that goes on the website. I partner with professional copy writers if you need professionally written content. You don’t need to have your content ready before you order! If your content is not ready yet, I’ll add filler text and can replace it later.

On-Page SEO

I’ll perform basic on-page search engine optimization for up to 3 pages. This includes things like proper keyword density, page snippets, link/image usage, and title/alt tags. I will also ensure optimal page speed and mobile usability, since these factors can affect your ranking.

If you need more than 3 pages optimized, you can order my On-Page SEO Services for an extra $50/page.

Your site will also come equipped with Yoast SEO, a popular plugin that will allow you to analyze and improve the optimization of your content on your own.

*The 3 pages that you choose for optimization should have enough content to work with. It’s very difficult to optimize a page that has little to no content.

Multiple Online Forms

I’ll create any type of online forms (contact form, application form, etc.) with inputs to collect the information you need. When someone submits the form, the details within will then be sent to an email of your choice. I will also style the form so that it matches your website and optional CAPTCHA (not a robot) can help prevent spam submissions.

Premium Security, Caching, & Backups

Keep your site running smoothly with premium tools for security, caching, and backups.

Keep your site safe from hackers! Brute force attacks and malicious bots are no match for Defender’s mighty WordPress security shields and cloaking technology. Defender’s regular security scans, vulnerability reports, audit logs, 2-factor authentication, safety recommendations, blacklist monitoring, IP lockout device, simple security tweaks, core, plugin and theme code checker and login masking are too much for even the most wily villain.

Hummingbird is queen of WordPress optimization and she’s here to zip through your site and find all new ways to make it load at record speed. Automate optimization with the Hummingbird utility belt packed with file compression, asset optimization, a complete caching suite, Cloudflare integration and performance monitoring that really gets your site flying!

Introducing Snapshot, the smart, automated, ready on-demand time-traveler. You can snap and securely store all of your WordPress backups in a private cloud vault. The backup protection you need with simple one-click restoration. Snapshot’s got your back…every time.

Marketing Tools & Add-Ons

Make your website a success with optional marketing tools and add-ons. Some examples include newsletter subscription, pop-ups, and more.

Logo Integration + $25 Logo Discount

I will add your existing logo to the new website. If you don’t have a logo yet or need a new one, you get a $25 discount on my Professional Logo Design Package!

Social Media Icons + API Integration

I’ll connect your social media accounts to your website with branded icons that will link to each corresponding account. You can also have advanced features that require the use of an API. Some advanced features could include displaying your social media account feeds on your website and integrating social media login/comments.

XML Sitemap + Google Integration

Your website will be setup to automatically generate an XML sitemap. The purpose of an XML sitemap is to inform search engines which pages are available for them to crawl and index. A sitemap is usually located at yoursite.com/sitemap.xml and can be submitted to all major search engines like Google and Bing.

I’ll setup your Google Webmaster Tools account and submit your XML sitemap for indexing.

I’ll also setup your Google Analytics account and implement the tracking code into your site. Premium Google Analytics + will allow you to monitor real data and statistics right from your WordPress admin dashboard.

XML Sitemap + Google Integration

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about your new website. I’ll also assist you with general website updates and maintenance for a period of 30 days after your project is completed.

You can also rehire me for Website Maintenance on an as-needed or monthly basis after the 30 day period.

Our Superheroes Will Knock Your Socks Off!

Meet our stellar team of web design and marketing experts. They know the ins and outs of getting online businesses started, and what it takes to thrive in an online world. And they’re here 7 days a week to help you grow your business.

P.S. Web Pros helped turn my love of basketball and sports into a business. Prices were affordable and a huge reason for why we were able to get online.


CEO, Darden Sports

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only build new websites?

We can work with both new and existing WordPress websites. We enjoy the challenge of a website makeover, re-designing your content into a successful and high converting place to visit that is easy for your customers to use.

Do you offer other services besides web design?

Yes, we offer additional marketing and design services like graphic design, logo design, copywriting, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. These are optional services that are not required to create and maintain a website. If interested, Contact us for more info.

How long will it take to build my website?

The answer to this lies solely in how quickly decisions can be made and content supplied. On average we like to complete all our web design package projects within 5-10 business days whenever possible.  Custom design jobs can take longer. We will always give you an ETA for completion as soon as we begin to work on your site.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes, we only use WordPress themes that are responsive and adapt to portable devices. Responsive Web Design (RWD) ensures optimal viewing across a wide range of devices including SmartPhones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop computers. This saves you development time, as well as reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

What are your payment terms?

For Web design packages, the terms are as explained for whatever particular package that you’re signing up for.  For custom jobs, once you approve our quote and choose to work with us to create your WordPress website, our payment terms are 50% deposit with the balance due 4 weeks later or upon delivery of the website if sooner. If the project runs on longer than 4 weeks we invoice monthly on 21st. All invoices are payable within 7 days?

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express for month-to-month services. If you’re pre-paying for a full year, we also offer check by mail payments.  Please contact us first if you’re planning on mailing in a check.

Is there a discount for paying yearly?

Yes, we offer a free month off on any website package with a full year pre-payment.

What else do I need to get started?

You will need a domain name (if not paying for the year). If you do not already have a domain name we can help you out with this as we walk you through the steps of getting your site online.

Are the rates I’m seeing introductory offers?

Nope! In fact, we guarantee the rate you start off with will stay the same for a minimum of three years. The rates you see above are exactly what you pay unless you’re interested in an optional service like logo design or advertising.

Will there be other fees involved?

Nope! Our packages include everything you need to design, build, launch, run and maintain a website on the Internet. However, we do offer additional marketing and design services available at affordable rates.

Is there a contract involved?

All packages require a one-year term but you’re protected by our 15-day free trial. If you’re not happy with our service within the first 15 days, we’ll terminate your contract and you pay nothing.

Is there a guarantee?

Due to the intangible nature of our work, we cannot guarantee sales, or that your website will be any success at all. That comes down to how you drive traffic and visitors to your website.

What we can do is optimize your website to the best of our abilities and skill, to convert that traffic into sales.

We guarantee that we will work with you until you are happy with your website and we guarantee 99.9% uptime if hosted with us.

If you are still unsure about any of our services, why not read what our clients are saying about us.

Our Team’s Here for You.

If you didn’t find the answers that you’re looking for, it’s okay to ask for help.